Selena Gomez Makes a Comeback with Her New Single

After taking a hiatus to focus on her health, Selena has recently surprised her fans big time – with her brand new single called “It Ain’t Me” featuring Kygo. The single officially dropped on Thursday February 16.

Gomez seems to be narrating a love story turned sour due to alcoholism. Gomez’ announcement of her newest single happened just the day after The Weeknd dropped his newest hit “Some Way“ which appears to be an indirect jab at Gomez’ recent ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Selena posted a cover for the single with her and Kygo on her Instagram, captioning it #ItAintMe. Thursday. @kygomusic

Fans can hear this catchy tune on YouTube or download it on iTunes. It may just get you dancing! Great job, Selena and Kygo!

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